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Wood Urns

Wood is the most elegant and dignified way to commemorate one\'s life. Its smooth surface, deep colour and inimitable look transform every vessel in a special kind of a piece of art. The exceptional nature of this material lies in its uniqueness, as there are no two samples of wood that are the same. Therefore, all of our cremation urns are one-of-a-kind, and an identical model cannot be found anywhere else. What is more, wood requires a high level of competence in this particular craft, and only by proper work can it be tamed and adjusted to one\'s needs. Below you can find our choice of various wooden cremation urns.



Wooden adult urns

Wood is a material highly regarded by people all over the world. It is solid and withstanding, while still offering a beautiful and elegant look to it. People looking for aesthetically pleasing and dignified cremation urns, should definitely consider this material. The manufacturers of these products can introduce personalised elements to their designs, as well as agree to creating a completely new one, following the client's suggestions. Such an approach helps in creating urns for ashes with highly distinctive features. The material is fairly cheap, therefore if one decides on a simple form, he or she can be sure they will not have to spend an atrocious amount of money. The most popular types of wood include walnut, mahogany or cherry, which are used for both child and adult urns, but also to keep pets' ashes.

Wooden pet cremation urns

Wooden pet cremation urns will help owners of recently departed animals in dealing with grief and commemorating their furry friend. Such a product can be adorned with a number of ornaments, as well as highly personalised elements, referring to the pet's appearance or personality. The customer can ask for a carving of their beloved animal or decide to include for example a metal figure on top of the wooden lid. Pet cremation urns for cats and lap dogs will be definitely smaller than the ones for larger breeds, therefore they will not take up as much place. Each person who has suffered the loss of their furry companion will be pleased with a wide assortment of options to choose from. The characteristic elegance the wood is known for, will look beautiful when displayed in many houses and apartments.

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