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Pet Cremation Urns

The life of a human is greatly enriched by going through it with the beloved pet. Having it by our side makes us better people and allows us to nurture and care for another being, and as a result enhances our existence by supplementing it with pure happiness, empathy and understanding. Being a companion of an animal that relies on you and is grateful for keeping it fed, healthy and safe, makes one appreciate it even more.

To commemorate our late animal friends with respect they deserve, we have prepared pet cremation urns. Meticulously made of high-quality solid wood and beautiful bronze, every single product is a magnificent piece of art, appropriate for even the most loyal pet. If you have just lost an animal friend and you would like to remember its life, please feel free to choose a variant suitable for your preferences.

Pet cremation urns for dogs and cats

Firstly, we have prepared a wide range of pet cremation urns for dogs of various breeds, such as French Bulldog, English Staffordshire Terrier, Afghan Hound or Pekingese. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, let us know and we will make it on your request. Moreover, there are universal products, with just paw prints at the top. If you owned a little purring friend, you can order one of the pet cremation urns for cats. It is worth knowing that our caskets can even carry a hand-painted portrait.

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Urns for pets – The cremation process for cats and dogs

Cat Urn image Pet cremation allows the owners to commemorate their four-legged friends. Depending on the materials from which it is made, the container can be placed outside or inside and remind the residents of the animal that once used to live with them. The pet cremation urns can have many shapes, sizes and be made from various materials. They can be pretty simple or come decorated with for example a figurine of a chosen breed of a dog or cat.

Many people are considering cremating their pet, however they do not have the slightest clue what such a process looks like. Surprisingly, getting a chance to have the ashes of one's animal for safe-keeping is not as complicated or expensive as one may thought it is. Pet cremation can be performed by a designated place that offers the service or by a veterinarian's office – if it is equipped with the suitable device.

Dog Urn image To put the ashes into a pet cremation urn for dogs or for cats, one needs to pay for the service of utilising the body (the prices range from £40 - £300). After performing the procedure, the owner will be given the container with ashes, which can be later transferred to an urn. The product has to be carefully prepared to make sure the amount of ashes received from the cremation process is able to fit within its enclosure.

Pet cremation urns for cats are typically much smaller, since cats typically weigh less, therefore their remains do not take as much place. However, pet cremation urns for dogs will need to be bigger, especially when considering some of the colossal breeds.

Our products

Dog Urn image Our offer includes a variety of pet cremation urns. We use many different materials to create them, to make sure every owner finds the solution he is satisfied with. The great care we put into each product of ours, helps in making a befitting memorial for the lost furry friend. Our pet cremation urns for dogs come in many sizes to accommodate the ashes of both smaller and gigantic breeds. The product can be adorned with a sculpture or a painting of a canine to be a reminder of the faithful friend. We also offer a wide selection of pet cremation urns for cats that can be used to commemorate the beloved feline.

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