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Pet Cremation Urns: for Dogs and Cats ashes. 2017-01-30


Over the years the pet is like other family members. At some point in time, in fact, we started treating them as human beings and in fact, is starting to show some human traits with just a habit of your life with us. But the sad fact is that it is more likely to survive because of their relatively short life. When a pet passes by, it was a sick time for the entire family.

However, the pain can be alleviated to some extent by the proper funeral arrangements. Today, in addition to the pet cemetery, cremation is also an option that has developed in the last few years. Cremation issues attracted the attention of us into the TPS that are an integral part of the process of cremation. Pet cremation urns? Yes, there is and here we look at different aspects of cremation urns for pets.

When you lose your pet

As mentioned above, there are a few formalities to be completed. You need to find a place for your pet's memorial service could be in a church or chapel near the park or maybe even in your own garden.

Now you must decide whether you want your pet to be buried or was cremated. In the case of the cemetery, they should do research on local laws governing cemeteries. You don't want to run into problems with the law. If you choose cremation, there is usually some local cremation service available that you can find out from your local vet.

Pet cremation urns

A unique way to keep alert for your pet is through cremation urn pet. This is a special container designed that can store your pet's ashes after cremation. Now you can store the jars in a sacred place, buried, or were released in different ways, and will be distributed among relatives or dispersed in a special place. If you surf the Internet, you will see a lot of sites that offer pet cremation urn is different designs, shapes, and sizes.

Pet cremation urns: size

This may be a surprise to You that the size of this poll is governed by the specifications in the industry that usually cubic inches of space per pound of body weight. For example, if your pet has a weight of 30 pounds, then the size of the election must be 30 cubic inches. However, it is preferred; To buy a big jar is required because you can add some of the fondest memories of your pets to the jar. So while watching a website for an urn, you also have to take into account the size of the ballot box is required. While buying a Pet cremation urn, it is important to consider the cubic inches of a poll you choose.

Materials and design of vases

Once you have decided to get an urn to hold the remains of their beloved pet, you need to choose the right jars to use. This can be quite a task because there are so many different designs are available in a variety of wood materials and porcelain for brass and steel. Whatever material you choose, you can be sure that this poll will be beautifully decorated, like the one made with caution, bearing in mind that You want a beautiful URN to perpetuate the memory of your beloved pet in the form of a beautiful Pet cremation urns.


If you choose to men recast your pet, you can be sure You will be spoiled for choice with a variety of URNs are available in the market. In the end, however, the final decision is yours, how do you choose an urn for the remains of your pet. After all, in the end, you will have the unique nature of the jar and you will be in touch with him every day. Therefore, if you are satisfied with what you get, it serves a purpose.

Cremation Urns: Keeping the Memories of the Deceased Alive 2016-12-19

It is hard for an individual to overcome the sudden shock and the long period of grief following the death of a close friend or relative. But it is compulsory to dispose of the dead body according to the rituals and customs of the family. These days, more and more people are choosing cremation over burial because of the inherent advantages that this method of dealing with the dead body presents to the relatives of the deceased. Burial proves to be much costlier than cremation given the constraints of full size casket and ground space. Also, burials have to be performed quickly, leaving little time to the family members and friends living in faraway places to reach the venue of the funeral service. Cremation causes the dead body to be reduced into remains within a few hours while the dead body decomposes slowly and naturally following a burial. With a cremation, the family also gets a chance to hold on to the remains of the deceased inside cremation urns to keep the memories alive.


Keepsake urn is just a term for smaller memorial urns

Urn, funeral urn, or a cremation urn all refer to the same containers that are made of wood, porcelain, metal, or clay and are decorative in nature to be kept proudly by the family members of the deceased. There is also a word called keepsake urns that confuses many people. It is nothing but a small container, smaller than the usual urns to keep the remains of the deceased. It is so called to let people hold on to the portion of the remains of the deceased or to be able to divide the portions of the mortal remains.


Vessels to keep the memories of your loved one alive

The vessels called urns are not used for storing ashes or the cremains (remains of the boney material of the dead person) of the deceased in all parts of the world. In fact, in many places and cultures, urns are simply small vessels that can be used for many different purposes rather than being used as memorial urns.  Even inside the country, you may be surprised to find the various shapes and sizes of the vessels that are being sold in the name of an ashes urn. In many places, these urns are also referred to as ashes jewellery as the vessels are made from expensive materials and look beautiful, adorned with gemstones and other materials.  


Many people prefer biodegradable material as the material of the urn they buy as they intend to scatter the remains of the dead person at some point in future. People who intend to bury the urn at some later stage also prefer to buy cremation urns made of biodegradable material. These vessels are in great demand among those who have burial at sea in mind at some later stage.  No matter what the liking and requirement of the individual, there are available all sorts of memorial urns in shops selling these vessels. One can also buy a funeral urn sitting in the comfort of his home by visiting an online urn shop.



Cremation Urns – A brief history 2016-12-15

The word "urn" generally brings to mind a drab metal or iron vessel. However, urns for cremation have taken various designs and significance throughout history.

Scientists have documented the early known human creation as taking place over 20,000 years ago in Australia. Cremation processes-and the subsequent handling of cremated ashes-have occurred in various forms throughout history, depending on the time, country, culture, personal and diplomatic beliefs or religious practices.

Some cultures do an open cremation for the deceased, after which they scatter ashes in a sacred location or a river or ocean. Mass cremation has served during an era of war, national catastrophe or widespread disease, in which cases families do not get the ashes of their loved ones. Some cultures cremate and subsequently bury the remains.

Cremation is usually a lower-cost vary to burial. And cremated remains take much less room than burial plots, hence cremation is considered friendlier to the atmosphere.

Modern cremation is the process of placing a deceased person in an industrial furnace at chosen high temperatures for few hours; once than most of the body has vaporized into gases, the remaining bone fragments are into an ash-like powder. These cremation remains, or "cremains" as they are often called, are placed in a sealed container, or urn, and provided to the relatives or families.

Cremation urns often reflect the individuality or preferences of the deceased-and are a way for the living to recall their loved one. Archaeological digs have revealed ancient burial adult urns made of pottery and decorated with illustrations.

Today, urns for human adult ashes are to available as generic or as personalized as a family or individual wishes. They may be wooden, metal, ceramic, clay, bronze, marble, glass or biodegradable. There is also urn jewelry for those who want to save a little portion of the ashes in a fragment of jewelry. These various types of modern high quality exclusive urns often fulfill a variety of purposes.

Cremation remains may be kept in an urn at house, scattered in a location of significance, or buried in a burial urn in a cemetery or in a special memorial building called a columbarium. In all of these cases, the urn plays an important role in celebrating and memorializing the energy of a loved one.

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