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Cremation Urns Gallery

The person you held dear surely deserves a proper goodbye. We know how much it means to you and therefore we choose our assortment very carefully. That is the way we can guarantee that every our customer will be able to find something suitable to their needs, and appropriate for the occasion. Regardless of the type and the model, we make sure that all of the urns for ashes are both aesthetically pleasing and high quality.


For those, who seek something exceptional, we have prepared a special offer. Using our experience and knowledge, we have selected only the most excellent of cremation urns that brought our attention with their sleek and beautiful designs. Below you can find the urns that we find to be extraordinary.

01 4L (30/19) 2,4kg
02 4L (30/19) 2,4kg
03 4L (30/19) 2,4kg
04 4L (30/19) 2,4kg
05 4,1L(23/21) 2,9kg
06 4,1L(24/21) 2,9kg
06 R 4,1L(24/21) 2,9kg
07 4L(28/20) 2.8kg
07R 4L(28/20) 2.8kg
08 5L(30/18) 2,8kg
09 5L(30/18) 2,8kg
09 Red 5Ll(30/18) 2,8kg
10 3,6L(30/21) 2,2kg
11 3,6L(30/21) 2,2kg
11 3,6L(30/21) 2,2kg
11R 3,6L(30/21) 2,2kg
Custom Engraved Urn Rose
Custom Engraved Urn Angel



Some of us are more emotional and sensitive. The best way to commemorate an artistic soul is to make sure their urn shows their individuality. Therefore, we have selected those cremation urns that manifest passion and exhibit artistic value. Please feel free to browse through our offer and choose an item that perfectly suits your needs.











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