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Pet cremation urns


If you were to ask a pet owner to describe his or her feelings for their pet, you will surely receive a great deal of fond comments. Many pet owners love their pets deeply. The pet is not merely an animal, but rather a member of the family or a beloved companion. Thus, when the pet sadly passes away, the owner is often left wordless and in a great deal of anguish.

It is important to treasure memories, and to ensure that those memories remain alive. However it is also very helpful to have something tangible that leads to closure as well as serve as a fond memory of that adorable pet. For this reason, investing in a cremation urn for pets is something that is very helpful for pet owners who are going through the difficult time of saying goodbye to their beloved furry friend.

Gregspol Ltd is well aware of these feelings and needs, and as a result we wanted to support our clients by also offering a nice selection of pet cremation urns. Your late animal friend who spent so many years cheering you up and enhancing your life with its sweet ways, definitely deserves to be memorialized, and what better way to do this than to store its remains in a pet cremation urn?

We have a very nice variety of pet cremation urns made from solid wood. These come with different animals made from bronze on top so that you will be able to find the breed of your pet accordingly. There are Rottweiler, Shih-Tzu, Great Dane, German shepherd, Labrador, and several other breeds available. For those who prefer something more modern we have wooden pet cremation urns with hand painted tops featuring your beloved pet. These are made to order. Another popular style are the pet cremation urns featuring small paw prints in bronze over the lid of the urn. The designs and styles are all very artistic, and in their beauty they are truly heart-warming as you will be placing the ashes of your sweet pet in a dignified place and manner.

We are sure that with the help of these beautifully made pet cremation urns, you will feel some respite while bidding goodbye to your beloved furry friend who unfortunately passed away. We will be glad to assist you in choosing a pet cremation urn that best suits your preferences from our various pet cremation urns.

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