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Cremation urns - a brief history


Today cremation is the most popular choice in the UK, when it comes to making the tough decision about what to do with your family member and close one’s remains. However, you might not be aware of what a long & controversial struggle the practice had before it became largely accepted in the British society. Though cremation process has been practiced in many shapes for millennia (the first checked record dates back over 20 thousand years ago) and was hugely employed by such high civilizations as the ancient Greeks, it was not until the late Victorian period that cremation procedure got popular in this nation.

As a very famous broadcaster, professional genealogist, and writer since 90s, he explains in his attractive article “Non-Smoking or smoking? The Bizarre tale of cremation in the UK”, this technique of dealing with bodies was seen as barbarous by a lot of communities for a long time, including Christianity, and it still remains prohibited by various religions, such as Orthodox Judaism and Islam.

A tale of one man’s determination

Even though in the early 1870s Sir Thomson, a urologist who was treating, for example, Napoleon III, wanted press the case for cremation, initially as a needed sanitary precaution. His then-revolutionary plan was met with a remarkable deal of skepticism bordering on disgust. Sir Thomson founded the Cremation Urns Society in 1874, which exists now as the Cremation Urns Society of UK to help furthermore in this case.

In 1879, this organization bought an area in Woking, Surrey and created the Country’s Crematorium and Funeral Urns Ashes. This site remained by far the most usually applied such facility in the UK for lots of years. By the time he passed away and was cremated himself in 1904, Sir Thomson has overseen the opening of many more crematoria and a significant development in the recognition of the practice.

The state of cremation today:

Even with the substantial objection which it faced in its formative periods as a lawful practice in UK, cremations urns for ashes has now become hugely accepted. It is said that 80% of people in the United Kingdom now decide to be cremated, as grieving families are today much more at ease with the plan of cremation process and being responsible for the dispersal of their loved one's ashes. In the 70s only 10% of the people took the funeral ashes urns home from the crematorium and today it is 80%.

A lot of people also select to have their close one’s ashes buried within a cremation casket. For this reason, we provide a huge variety of specific funeral ashes urns can be purchased. These urns are made from quality materials and available in various shapes, designs and sizes. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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