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An urn or a grave?


Funeral ashes urn or a traditional grave?

Religious beliefs play a central role in what one decides to do when a person passes away. There are certain cultural and religious issues that tend to affect one’s decision, but over recent years there has been a considerable increase in the percentage of people who prefer funeral ashes urns rather than going for a traditional burial in a grave. Be it because it is more cost effective, or maybe more practical from various points of view – there is no doubt that placing the remains of your loved one in the form of ashes in a cremation urn offers various advantages.

Traditional funerals include a lot of arrangements and costly issues which you would rather avoid, especially during this difficult period when you are trying to come to terms with the loss of an important person. Many people prefer to be left alone so that they can grieve in peace and get some form of closure, rather than have to deal with visitations and intricate funeral arrangements. Nowadays, many have come to accept the cremation process and what it entails. There is also the issue of not much land available for burial and cemmentaries in many countries. There are also hygiene concerns that trouble many people, who prefer to opt for cremation. Another pertinent problem is that you might want to move out some time in the future, and so it may be discouraging to know that you will be leaving the remains of your loved one behind in a cemetery. On the other hand, with a funeral urn you get to take their ashes with you and this would not be a problem any more.

All these reasons have in turn led to a higher demand for cremation urns. For those who are not conversant with this subject, this product may simply seem like a container where the ashes are placed. However, these objects go well beyond that.

In fact if you were to take a look at the collection of designs being sold on our website you will immediately realize that these burial boxes are actually works of art. They are constructed and finished with such a precision and using such high quality materials, that these are indeed as artistic as they could possibly get.

After all if you come to think of it, funeral ashes of your beloved found a resting place in this urn. This person meant a great deal to you and he or she deserves to be honoured and remembered properly. Thus, choosing a decorative design that reflects your memories of them, makes sense. The urn with funeral ashes will then be placed in a focal place in your home so that every time you look at it, you will remember that person fondly.

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