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Cremation urns for ashes

Cremation Urns UKWe have prepared a wide range of urns for ashes for sale, so that you could select the one that meets your requirements perfectly. We know how hard it is to lose a person who you really care about, thus we want to allow you to commemorate him or her in the best possible way. When you place the ashes into our urns, you can be sure they are safe, as our products are really solid and can last for a long time.

You can choose the material they are made of, as well as the style and a particular design. If you organize the funeral, it is understandable that you want the ashes to be placed in one of the most beautiful urns you can get. We can even prepare an individual design for you, if you do not find the appropriate model among the standard ones. We send our high-quality cremation urns throughout the whole UK and worldwide.

Funeral ashes urns

Adult urns

Most of our products are adult urns, which carry a cross or other symbols associated with passing away. There are even the companion variants, which are perfect for couples, so that they could rest in peace together. You can choose from products made of, for example, aluminium or ceramics. No matter what the material, all of our cremation urns for sale are made with attention to every single detail.

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Pet cremation urns

We know that animals can be true friends and they are often treated as members of the family. In order for you to commemorate them, we have prepared an offer of pet cremation urns for dogs and cats as well. Moreover, we can prepare a product that will show the actual breed. We do our utmost to make all of our urns for ashes for sale in such a way that they would meet all of your requirements and expectations.

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Urns for ashes
Funeral ashes urns

Metal or steel urns

Our offer includes also steel or metal cremation urns for sale. The main advantage of this material is its unquestionable durability – you can be sure that your beloved one's remains will be perfectly protected. What is more, it is relatively cheap, at the same time being very beautiful after proper tooling. We can cover our metal or steel ashes urns with various engravings, either religious or non-religious ones.

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Exclusive glass urns

We try to make our offer as wide as possible, so that everyone could find products that meet their requirements and expectations. For this reason, we have prepared some exclusive glass urns which look amazingly stunning. They can come in various shapes and colours, as well as carry diverse engravings, like flowers, angels or crosses. Moreover, to make an urn look even more luxurious, we can add some Swarovski crystals.

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Urns for ashes
Funeral ashes urns

Artistic urns

We stock amazingly stunning artistic urns for ashes as well. This option is especially recommended for customers who plan to keep the casket at home, because it will constitute a marvellous decoration, at the same time outstandingly commemorating the person who was close to your heart. It is worth knowing that the designs we offer are exclusive and you will not find them anywhere else. Such a cremation urn will become, therefore, a unique vessel for the remains of someone really special.

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Keepsake urns

Many people decide to keep at least a certain amount of funeral ashes in urns of small size than can be placed at home or even used as a pendant. It is a great way to commemorate someone you lost and keep them by your side forever. The pendants we offer are usually heart-shaped, so that they could express your love. They can be silver, steel or golden, as well as have a black, blue, red or transparent glass crystal.

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Urns for ashes

Here is why we are different

Perfection in every detail
We are aware of the fact that every detail has an effect on the final result of our work. For this reason, we do not omit anything, but refine all the elements of our products. We strive to provide you with the best cremation urns in the UK.
Wide selection of cremation urns
We stock very diverse products so that everyone could find here what they are looking for. We have both child and adult urns, made in many different shapes and colours. What is more, you can commemorate your little animal companion as well. Namely, there are also many pet cremation urns for cats and dogs.
Fast shipping
Our company understands that you may need your urn as soon as possible, because, for example, the funeral is going to take place in the next following days. Therefore, we send it to our customers quickly and without any unnecessary delays.
Professional consulting
We have prepared an expanded FAQ section on our website, in order to help to choose the best cremation urn for a particular person. If you do not find the answer to your questions there, you can always ask our team for professional advice.



Urns for sale gallery

We have created a huge gallery of our urns for ashes for sale. You can see many different products here and take your time to select the one that you like the most. It is possible to enlarge every photo to see more details of a particular model and check if it matches your requirements and preferences perfectly. We are really engaged in our work and we hope our cremation urns will appeal to you. However, if you have any remarks, you can always call or e-mail our team and provide us with some constructive feedback.




How to choose a cremation urn – FAQ

We understand that it may be hard to select the right ashes urn, hence we want to help you as much as possible. We have created a huge FAQ section for you to read, where you can find all the necessary information. For instance, it is possible to check which size of a product is appropriate for certain remains, depending on the weight of the person before their passing away. Moreover, you can find out which kinds of caskets are allowed to be taken on a plane, what is crucial if you are planning to fly with the ashes.




Cremation urns in UK

We are one of the best companies producing cremation urns in the UK. We understand the need of the proper commemoration of the funeral ashes. Urns made by us are always amazingly crafted and adapted to individual client's preferences. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and call or e-mail us!



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